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Wheat yield varies in Agri-Times country: dry out, winter cold takes toll

by Sterling Allen
for Agri-Times NW

I called the local grain marketing companies in our region to attain an update on grain harvest yields in their respective areas. This is a year of a significant variance difference in yields among the wheat producing areas in AGRI-TIMES NW country.

Morrow County – Dan Steiner, PGG & MCGG grain marketing specialist, provided insight that two exporters, Kalama and United Grain, are discounting SWW with protein above 11.5%. This could be a problem in some of the elevators.

Wheat yields in Morrow County are poor, and range from single digit to 30 bu acre and lower than last year. Gilliam County Extension office reports below average yields in North County and average yields in South County...

Lind- John Sperl, Union Elevator, indicated that yields are definitely down, ranging from 20-40 bu/acre and a little below county average. Lind has had only 5.4 inches of rain since Sept. 1.

Pendleton area- East of Pendleton to Echo the yields are disappointing. Pendleton to Athena the yields range from 15% less than average to average production, depending upon if you received the June thundershowers or not. Helix area has reported some surprisingly good yields, considering the dry year.
Sherman County – Mid-Columbia Producers report pretty good yields, ranging from average to above average production.

Horse Heaven Hills – Some farmers experienced winter kill and had to reseed to spring wheat. This was not the year to grow spring wheat. Yields reported in this area are below average and poor.
Pomeroy- Pomeroy Grain Growers indicated that farmers are pleasantly surprised on their yields this year. Yields are ranging from 60-80 bu/acre.

Dayton- Columbia County Grain growers representative indicated that harvest has just started and reported yields are below the strong yields the past five years.

A Waitsburg farmer friend, accustomed to 100 bu crop the past two years, indicated that wheat yields on his farm are in the 80 bu/acre range.

Walla Walla area is projecting yields to be 20-30% less than average. Wheat following garbs showed a big yield reduction.



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