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Helecopters aid tree harvest

by Brianna Walker
for Agri-Times NW

JL Aviation is a helicopter business based out of Boring, Oregon, owned by Jeffrey Linscott. JL Aviation offers a variety of services including remote biological and geophysical science support, fire suppression, game and endangered species surveys, along with law enforcement and search and rescue.

Linscott began his flying career in the armed services. His plan was to be an infantry officer, but the military had a different plan and soon he was ordered to flight school. When asked about his glamorous high-flying job, Linscott laughed, "I never wanted to be pilot....they're just glorified chauffeurs."

Linscott was commissioned as lieutenant and flew in the services 22 years before deciding to take his aviation experience and masters in business to the private sector. JL Aviation was started in 1996 and was based at PDX. Soon the operating area increased over much of North America.

In 2007, Linscott purchased a private airfield in Boring, and renamed it FLY~JLA. Although the facilities are private and have no public access, they are available for guests with PPR (Prior Permission Required.)

Linscott worked hard to ensure that his aviation business was not just "chauffeuring." He does offer tours through the Columbia Gorge, Oregon Coast, and Mount Saint Helens, but his business far exceeds tourism. At the beginning of the year JL Aviation works with U.S. Fish and Wildlife services providing aerial reconnaissance and surveys for game and endangered species. As the year progresses they move on to Alaska, where they work with the Plate Boundary Observatory funded by the National Science Foundation.

The Plate Boundary Observatory, using over 1,100 GPS and seismic sites located across the continental US and Alaska, precisely measures Earth's deformation resulting from the constant motion of the Pacific and North American tectonic plates in the western United States. JL Aviation also does volcanic monitoring and geophysical science support in the Cascades.

As fire season arrives, Linscott's helicopters also fight fire and provide support to local Search and Rescue organizations. Linscott even made CBS news in 2008 for providing air support for a snowmobiler who fell 1500 feet into the Mount Saint Helens crater.

Linscott is currently keeping his helicopters busy during Christmas tree harvest, slinging bundles of trees from the field to another location where bundling them is easier. His helicopters can lift up to 1200 lbs. He has been hooking Christmas trees for 22 winters.

Robert Brault, an opera singer, once said: "How do you achieve success? Well, for one thing, you don't define it before you achieve it." That thought can be applied to Linscott and his desire to be an infantry officer. 27 years of flying and several awards later, there are many people sure to appreciate the slight detour his career took towards an earlier definition of success.

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