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Congressional Candidate, Maycumber, says she's an Advocate for Agriculture

AGRI-TIMES recently had the pleasure of talking with 7th Legislative District rep. Jacquelin Maycumber. Maycumber is currently serving her third term as the House Republican Floor Leader, and running for Congress in this fall's election. Maycumber is passionate about rural economics and agriculture—which is not surprising considering her deep agricultural roots. Maycumber is 4th generation rancher and she and her husband, Marty, are still farming on their family's ranch in Republic, Washington. They run cattle and grow farm alfalfa and Timothy hay. Maycumber earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and was working as a sheriff deputy in Colorado, when the became needed on their family farm. They moved back to their old stomping grounds, and it wasn't long before Maycumber was actively involved in her community: volunteering with the Chamber of Commerce and becoming an elected school board member. Before long, local agriculture was facing water issues in the political arena. Maycumber credits her husband for giving her the push she needed to get involved. “You know Continued from Page 1. water law, and you need to fight for us!” he told her. “I have always been an advocate for agriculture,” she says. “You can 'know' agriculture, or you can 'live' it. My family 'lives' it. I have always felt like I breath in the dirt and it's what keeps my heart beating.” Maycumber began working Senator Shelly Short as a staffer. “I worked hard, volunteered often, and served the community every day.” Her fight for water in agriculture had only just begun. Another bill rolled around that would have reduced water availability for Ag, as well as affecting stock water usage. If passed, it would limit water all over eastern Washington, including her family ranch. She was personally invested in creating legislature that resulted in overturning the Hirst Decision that was signed in 2018. Maycumber knows that water is the lifeblood to agricultural and is strong in her positions on the Snake River Dams, as well as protecting property rights in eastern Washington. When Cathy McMorris Rodgers announced she would not be seeking re-election, Maycumber decided she would continue her fight for Agriculture in Congress. “ Agriculture needs a voice, and I feel like I have a 'boots on the ground' ability to provide it.” she laughed. “I'm excited to fight for rural America. People in agriculture are stewards of the land, and I'm proud of how we take care of our land and protect it for ourselves and our future generations.” “Eastern Washington is an amazing place. To live, to farm, to raise our children and bury our loved ones.” And Maycumber should know, having grown up in Republic, currently raising three children there, as well as having buried loved ones in a family cemetery on their ranch. Maycumber says this isn't something she's doing alone—she's campaigning with her entire family. “We all get to go on this adventure together.” “We have calluses on our hands, mud on our boots, and joy in our hearts because we know we work hard for everything we have.” To learn more about Maycumber and her policies, visit

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